Limit Exposure to Harmful Air Pollutants

Get informed. about pollutants - indoors and out.

Exposure to harmful air pollutants can cause or worsen heart and lung conditions. Exposure to indoor radon gas, for example, can cause lung cancer. And exposure to smoke, (whether from tobacco, wood or wildfire smoke,) vehicle exhaust and road dust can cause or aggravate your breathing, particularly for people with pre-existing heart and lung conditions.

Make your home a smoke-free zone, and if you use a wood stove for heating, burn smart. (Don't burn trash or wet wood.) Learn more about pollutants, indoors and out.

Learn more:

  • Visit and learn how simple it is to test your home for radon. 
  • Use the Air Quality Health Index to check outdoor pollution levels and reduce or avoid exercising outdoors on poor air quality days.
  • is also a great place to learn about air pollution and ways to minimize exposure.